PGL CoD4 Servers need some help.......!

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PGL CoD4 Servers need some help.......!

Postby iamnotizharahmad » Thu Jul 25, 2019 11:52 am

Pakistan Gaming Lounge Servers in CoD4 Need Some Help of PGL

I Play CoD4 Daily and my favorite server is PGL SD1,SD2 and TDM but there is no admin in this server, i was playing in tdm server back in the days one of a player was using aimbot and There was no admin out there in that server to ban or kick that guy. i want PGL to see this issue because Hacking is like Cancer for Gaming and as PGL is the biggest gaming lounge of Pakistan so they need to manage their servers. Atleast 1 admin should manage the server. BTW If you can give adminship to me as i am a regular player and i will not use adminship power in a bad way ingame name: eSodium xBolt
Hope PGL would take action


"Hackers destroying our pleasure in your servers"
IzharAhmad aka NerdGuyAhmad

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