SEA Servers Fortnite/Paladins/LOL/Dota 2

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SEA Servers Fortnite/Paladins/LOL/Dota 2

Postby imdwale » Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:32 pm

I play all of these games, but I have noticed one thing common.
On SEA servers the ping goes to 300+ in some days and it stays under 120ms on other days.
After searching online and researching, I have made some points.
As most of PTCL users don't have static IP, PTCL assigns random ip addresses every time you restart your internet/modem.
So, there are pools of different ip addresses like 39.xxxxx etc
I don't know which pool gives me 120 ms and lower but I wanted to know if there's any way to fix this?
cuz even if I contact PTCL customer care (which i have, multiple times), they don't understand the problem and just record a complaint regarding internet/connectivity issues.

There's some global routing problem with pool, cuz when i use some VPN (WTfast, the best one so far) gives me 120-130ms of ping.

What's the ultimate solution? what do i do other than restarting my modem in hope to get connected to a better pool of IPs???

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