Anybody have any ideas? Help me redeem myself?

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Anybody have any ideas? Help me redeem myself?

Postby spadekevin » Fri Aug 03, 2018 4:46 pm


I did a full installation of mint 15 on my laptop (xps 15, from 2011, not slow by any means). I recently discovered that counter strike source can be run on linux with steam (not with vine or any windows stuff, steam is linux software, too). I have no problem with speed/ performance on windows 7, but on mint, even if I dropped the resolution to the lowest possible setting (monitor is 1920x1080), the game had the worst lag ever, as if I was running it on a potato. My computer can run battlefield 3 (on windows), counter strike source should run like hot butter regardless. The ping for the server I was playing was very low, so it wasn't my connection, server runs great on windows.

So I was wondering what's up with this! CSS is literally the only game I play anymore, and I thought linux would be able to handle it. Everything else about mint 15 is great. I considered installing mint 13 as it's got long term support/ is probably "better" as it's been out longer, but I caved and went back to windows 7.

Everything about mint 15 was good, ram was steady at 2-6% (6gb), i've got a nvidia 525m, all the drivers installed for it and up to date. If the problem can be solved i'll re install mint (maybe 13 this time) and partition my hard drive.

Anybody have any ideas? Help me redeem myself?

Please help.

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Thank you.

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