How to become admin of COD4 Server

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How to become admin of COD4 Server

Postby YouRFaTHeR1 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:28 am

Hi, I have been playing multiplayer games for a few years now specially COD4: Modern Warfare. I've been also playing on Ptcl PGL COD4 servers as well. Can anyone tell me how can I become ADMIN of online PTCL PGL COD4 server. IP of servers AND I play SND on mostly these two servers. I want to become for only positive reasons like Warning players from abusing, not playing fair and politely asking some to turn off HACKS. All players in the server want to play fair so I was thinking If I could become admin of any of these servers. Please someone tell me is this possible or not !!!. Thanks.

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