Intentionally Losing to Save Hero Rank?

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Intentionally Losing to Save Hero Rank?

Postby blaise84 » Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:44 pm

Hi all,

I don't know why it never hit me before (maybe it's becasue this is just my first season), but I finally noticed today during a selection, that players intentionally chose weak heroes becasue they were not happy with team selection.

We had a case where Miya and Hanabi were both chosen... along with Roger, and Aldus. After about 10 seconds of pleading (by Roger and Aldus), for either Miya or Hanabi to change, both Roger and Aldus changed to Clint and Leslie at the last moment. As soon as the battle commenced i asked on chat... "why 4 MM ? It's an auto loss". The reply by Roger (who changed to Clint).. "Uh yeah of course".

It dawned on me that neither Aldus or Roger wanted to risk loses (with a team comnp that included 2 mm), so they selected "throw away heroes" at the last second to protect hero ranking. I was of course left holding the bag with my mage-main and took an L.

Is this typically frowned upon, or do players accept it as a part of the game?


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