Explain This or not!! but it is now explained :)

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Explain This or not!! but it is now explained :)

Postby LeoKnine » Sun Apr 28, 2019 9:23 pm

hi, I have been suffering from online gaming as any other person who lives in Pakistan. Alot of stories had been told by PTCL or any other ISP providers in Pakistan about Distance from Foreign servers and it is causing high latency (PING) during online gaming. So i came across something look at the picture i share and you will understand what is going on here. The Following example is from (Players Unknown Battlegrounds) Server Ip Address is ( which is located in Singapore where majority of Pakistani Players are connecting by default from PUBG. and if you Ping this server address it will show you somewhere around 190ms or even higher well thats not true at all!!

server address ( till here > ping is 19ms also located somewhere in Rawalpindi.
server address ( somewhere in Rawalpindi!!! O.o???? why ping rises as soon it gets to this server!!!!

So someone must raise this Flag (WHY)

And i have already Contacted Equinix.com a Singapore Network Company because there servers are also making it worst. But first this insane amount delay added on purpose in our local servers :P

I added the Screen Shots please take a look. Thank you for reading my post.
Inked34t43v45v3v4_LI-min (1).jpg
Inked34t43v45v3v4_LI-min (1).jpg (60.25 KiB) Viewed 1870 times
34gb566hb6bn67n6n-min.jpg (60.39 KiB) Viewed 1870 times

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