Tournament Registration

Terms & Conditions

1. By Participating in “PGL Ramzan Tournament” you agree to abide by all Tournament rules.
2. All teams members must be registered members of PGL. Registration entry will not be counted as valid if any member in a team is not PGL registered member or he will not be allowed to play.
3. After final registration date no entry will be counted as valid.
4. PGL can kick any team at any stage during the tournament without providing any reason to the participants.
5. Legal proceedings are not permitted.
6. The usage of any hacking tools aside from Steam during a match is strictly forbidden.
7. 5 PTCL Charji devices for the winners. However, PGL can alter Prizes at any stage of tournament.
8.Team should consists of at least 5 members.

Team Registration


Player 1 (Captain)


Player 2


Player 3


Player 4


Player 5


Player 6 (optinal)


Player 7 (optinal)


Player 8 (optinal)